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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a catchy and upbeat tune from the musical film “Encanto.” The film, which was released in November 2021, is a vibrant and heartwarming story about the importance of family, tradition, and finding one’s own voice.

One of the standout tracks in the film is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” a fast-paced and energetic number that showcases the charisma and spirit of the film’s central character, Bruno. With its upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus, the song perfectly captures the film’s playful and joyful tone, making it an instant favorite among audiences.

The lyrics of the song explore the theme of family secrets and the challenges of speaking up and finding one’s own voice. Bruno, who is the youngest member of the Madrigal family, is determined to uncover the truth about his family’s past and find his own place in the world. Despite the obstacles he faces, he remains determined and optimistic, singing: “We don’t talk about Bruno, but he’s got a plan, he’s got a way of seeing things that nobody else can.”

As well as being a standout track in the film, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is also a standout performance from the talented voice cast. The song features the voice of newcomer Afro-Latinx performer Anthony Gonzalez, who delivers an electrifying and dynamic performance that perfectly captures the energy and spirit of the film.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a memorable and upbeat tune that perfectly captures the vibrant and joyful tone of the film “Encanto.” With its catchy rhythm and uplifting lyrics, it is sure to be a hit among audiences of all ages, making it a must-listen for fans of musicals and Disney films alike.