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Unveiling the Magic: Toggi Fun World Ticket Prices & packages

Toggi World: Step into the realm of Toggi World, a place where thrill meets joy in a dance of excitement. In this guide, we’ll decode the magic behind Toggi World’s ticket prices, ensuring your journey is not only understood but embraced.

Contents of Toggi Fun World’s Ticket Prices:

Toggi: Where Joy Knows No Boundaries

Nestled at the intersection of adventure and amusement, Toggi Fun World invites you to experience unforgettable moments. From gravity-defying rides to captivating games, discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Toggi World Kiddo Package

For the young and the young at heart, Toggi Kiddo opens a gateway to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and laughter echoes through every ride.

Toggi World Xtreme Package

For the adrenaline aficionados, Toggi Xtreme is a passport to heart-pounding excitement. Dive into a universe where each ride is a challenge embraced and each game is a conquest achieved.

Toggi World VIP Concierge Package

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury intertwined with adventure, Toggi VIP Concierge is a symphony of opulence. Elevate your Toggi Fun World’s experience to a realm where exclusivity meets exhilaration.

Toggi Fun World’sTicket Packages: A Comparative Odyssey

Embark on an adventure into the heart of TFW, where each package is a portal to distinctive experiences. Let’s unravel the magic with a side-by-side comparison of the Toggi Fun World’s ticket packages:

PackagePrice/PersonIncluded FeaturesUnique Offering
Toggi Kiddo$15
– Entry to Floor 8 & 9 Games & Rides (Age, Weight & Height Limited)– Complimentary “1 pair Kids Socks” and 500ml water bottle
– Each game can be played once– Exclusive access to Kiddo-centric games and rides
Toggi Xtreme$40
– Entry to Floor 8 to 18 Games & Rides– Complimentary “1 pair adult Socks” and 500ml water bottle
– Play each game once– Thrilling rides and games for the ultimate adrenaline experience
Toggi VIP Concierge$110
– Entry to Floor 8 to 18 Games & Rides– Complimentary “1 pair adult Socks,” 250ml soft drinks/500ml water bottle, and free parking
– Play each game once– 3 hours dedicated concierge service for a personalized experience
Chart: Toggi Fun World’s Ticket Pricing

Making Your Decision

  • Toggi Kiddo: Perfect for families with young adventurers, offering exclusive access to Kiddo-centric games and rides.
  • Toggi Xtreme: Ideal for thrill-seekers, providing access to a wide range of rides and games across multiple floors.
  • Toggi VIP Concierge: For those seeking luxury and personalized service, combine premium access with a dedicated concierge.


Every ticket to Toggi Fun World is a key to a unique realm of joy. Consider your preferences, dive into the adventure that suits you best, and let the magic of Toggi Fun World unfold. Toggi Fun World is located in the Bashudhara City Shopping Complex. To check out the location map, click here.

Learn more about Toggi Fun World from the official website:

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