Frontier Airlines Paying Incentives to Employees for Charging Extra Baggage Fees

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines admitted to incentivizing employees to charge extra baggage fees at the gate to passengers with oversized bags, a move that drew criticism from customers and industry experts. According to a memo obtained by CNN, Frontier Airlines offered bonuses to gate agents who collected at least $1,000 in fees per flight.

A senior vice president of Frontier Airlines allegedly sent a memo that urged staff to enforce size restrictions and use a measuring stick to charge passengers with oversized bags.

Frontier incentivizes for extra bag fees at gate

Frontier Airlines spokesperson, Zach Kramer, confirmed the memo’s authenticity but stated that the incentives were part of a “pilot program” that has since been discontinued.

The memo sparked outrage among passengers, with some calling the practice “unfair” and “predatory.” Industry experts also expressed concern about the negative impact on the airline’s reputation.

In a statement, the airline said it has “taken steps to ensure this does not happen again” and that it is “committed to providing our customers with transparent pricing.”

Despite the controversy, Frontier Airlines has continued to charge extra fees for baggage, seat selection, and other services, which has contributed to its reputation as one of the most fee-heavy airlines in the industry.

Why did they do this?

With the travel industry slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines are facing intense competition to attract passengers, and many are turning to ancillary fees as a way to boost revenue. However, the practice has drawn criticism from consumer advocates, who argue that it can be deceptive and unfair to customers.

This airline has admitted to incentivizing employees to charge extra baggage fees to passengers with oversized bags, a move that sparked outrage among customers and industry experts. While the airline has taken steps to address the issue, the controversy highlights the ongoing debate over the use of ancillary fees in the airline industry.

Photo: Matt Nager/Frontier Airlines

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