RITS Browser has introduced Cheap Flight Search.

The first and only Bangladeshi mobile browser has launched a cheap flight search option for its 2.6 Million users. Users will get a low price for their desired flight from this search application. Users can search global, local, or even multi-city route flights as per their needs and book them from the service provider directly. It also has a hotel search option which will allow users to search for the best deals for the hotel.

Mr. K.A.M. Rashedul Mazid, the CEO of the RITS Browser says: getting the best deals on last-minute flight searches online is always painful and we always have to pay a higher fare for the flights. We want our users to get rid of this pain. Every day 10K users find the cheapest travel solutions from Rits Browser.

We add this feature so that we can provide guaranteed low-price flights for our users. This system will search 750+ partner agencies and flight companies to provide the best fares. Users can easily compare the flight fare, facilities, options, and comfort features and can learn everything they need to know before they book their flight tickets. All our flight partners are reputed and filtered by customer feedback so users can rely on them without any hesitation.

How this system offers me a guaranteed cheap flight?

When you provide flight information and press the search button unlike the other search system, it will request entire partners for the best fare in real-time. Then all the partners return the results with their best offers and the system lists them in ascending order. You get all the options in front of you and you just need to select the offer that suits your needs. This search result is focused on user comfort which means you will get the best flight fare that has the lowest transit listed at the top.

The prices we find are truly the lowest. That’s because airline tickets are searched for in five booking systems, 45 agencies and 728 airline companies. Don’t just believe my words, try it out yourself.

Why my travel agent can’t provide me a cheap fare?

Most of the travel agents had to put their profit on top of the fare they get from the flight partners. But in our flight search system, you don’t have to pay the additional price for the service as you will pay directly to the service provider who is offering the service to you. You can cut the middleman cost by using our system.

Where do I get this Browser app?

Go to the google playstore from your android phone and then Search “RITS Browser“, find the browser app, and install it on your smartphone. Enjoy the smart browser for your smart life. 

How do I search flights from RITS Browser?

Open the RITS Browser app and click on the travel Icon from the speed dial. It will lead you to the search page and allow you to search for your desired flight destination.